1. We will carry out your hiring for an agreed price.
  2. All bookings are subject to a minimum deposit of £150 per booking. If in the event of cancellation this deposit is non-refundable.
  3. You must notify us if any part of your journey is over a dirt-track, narrow lane or possibly with protruding bushes/plants into the pathway of vehicles, or through fords or streams as prior assessment of suitability of the vehicle/s may be required, in all cases your chauffeur reserves the right on the day not to take vehicles along any road.
  4. A vehicle route will be agreed with the hirer no later than 4 weeks before the wedding date.
  5. The balance outstanding is payable on or before 4 weeks prior to the Wedding date.
  6. In case of Cancellation – this must be received in writing or by email one calendar months prior to the hire date. If it not received by this date, then the full payment will be due.
  7. Your chauffeur will offer assistance to those wearing flowing gowns and trains when entering and exiting the car, however it remains the ultimate responsibility of the wearer to ensure their clothing avoids contact with all areas that could accrue dirt or grime such as the underside, wheels, tyres etc. It is the Chauffeurs responsibility to open and close the car doors.
  8. In the event of any passenger illness in the car, the full cost of a valet and any other time lost will be charged. The driver retains the right to refuse to convey any passenger who in the opinion of the driver appears to be under the influence of alcohol or other substance and whose condition may put the driver, the vehicle or other passengers at risk. The hirer is responsible for any damage to the vehicle and fittings caused by their own or their guest’s actions and the hirer must ensure they collect their luggage and personal items when leaving the car. Knights Wedding Cars do not accept liability for items left in cars or for the responsibility for forwarding on such items.
  9. Although we will endeavour to meet deadlines we accept no responsibility for delays, however caused. Every effort will be made to provide alternative transportation in the event of vehicular breakdowns or delay. Although extremely unlikely, it is possible that circumstances beyond our control may prevent us from providing the exact car you requested – should it be necessary to change the vehicle at short notice, as in the instance of last minute mechanical breakdown, exceptional traffic difficulties, incidents, acts of God or any events beyond our control, we will endeavour to supply another vehicle from our range of vehicles. If in the final instance, we cannot provide our service or vehicle for any of the reasons mentioned, then a full refund will be made of your deposit and monies paid.
  10. Smoking is not permitted in our cars.
  11. No luggage or large items allowed in the car without express permission of the Chauffeur.
  12. If the hire runs over from an agreed end time there will be a charge of £75.00 +vat per every 30 minutes or part off.
  13. We reserve the right to amend our terms and Conditions at any time.
  14. Knights Wedding Cars recommend that you have in place appropriate wedding insurance covering any eventuality, for example Cancellation, Attire, Photos, Video, Presents, Rings, Loss of Deposit, Cake, Public Liability.
  15. We cannot be held responsible for changes in the Law or Legislation that may give us cause to change the details of your original booking.
  16. We are unable to supply alcohol, however are happy for our guests to bring their own. Our chauffeurs are happy to assist with corking.
  17. The carrying of any passenger will be at the drivers’ discretion.
  18. By paying a securing booking deposit or full payment the client is confirming acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Child Car Seats

UK law came into force on 18th September 2006 for the protection of children that makes it compulsory for every child under 12 years of age to sit in a baby seat, a child seat, on a booster seat or on a booster cushion. Unlike taxis, wedding cars are NOT exempt from this new legislation. Regretfully this new law means all wedding car companies must make fundamental changes to the way we provide our service to young persons.

All drivers are now legally responsible for ensuring children under 14 years of age are properly restrained in the car.

As children under 12 years may only be carried when the correct ‘Child Restraint’ as required by law is used and ‘Child Restraints’ can only be used in vehicles that have fitted seatbelts our policy on the carrying of children is below.

  1. Children under 3 years’ old

This new law regretfully means children up to the age of three requiring Baby Seats and Child Seats can no longer be carried in wedding vehicles that do not have seatbelts fitted. This is as most Classic and Vintage wedding cars are legally exempt from having seat belts fitted because of their historical age and Baby Seats and Child Seats need to be strapped to the seating using those fitted seatbelts, which our vehicles do not possess; therefore, under 3’s are not permitted to travel in our cars.

  1. Children under 12 years’ old

Knights Wedding Cars neither provide nor assist in the fitting of child seats or restraints. It is the adult passenger’s entire responsibility to make sure any children aged 3-12 in his/her care are properly secured. The available options, dependant on vehicle booked, should be discussed with us at the time of booking.

We understand this new law may mean changes need to be made to travel plans but as a professional company we must adhere to the law and our priority must be for the comfort and safety of all our passengers.

We have based the information given above on our understanding of this law, however the following website has full information on this legislation plus pictures of the different types of child restraint which if you are in any doubt we suggest you view  http://www.childcarseats.org.uk/