A warm, summer event may be what most most people think of first when a wedding is mentioned but you cannot deny, there is something uniquely special about getting married in the winter.

Long evenings feel super romantic and the fact you are able to give guests the chance to look glamorous, layered in satins and velvets, makes the day feel opulent and stylish.

Here are a few tips for planning a stylish autumn / winter wedding:

The forced elimination of an “outdoor option” is really a great thing! The stress of worrying about gusts of wind or summer showers ruining the marquee or outside band area etc has literally gone! Simply by locating everything indoors, your day to evening transition is stress free and warm!

Winter / Autumn colours are simply beautiful and rich beyond anything Summer offers. You are also able to choose styles and themes that any budget can make look truly expensive. Simply by opting for seasonal flowers and foliage, dried flowers and evergreen foliage, such as, Ivy, you are again cutting stress and financial headaches..

There are also some amazing seasonal holidays and festivities you can lean in to, such as Halloween utilising smoky, mysterious greys or rich deep oranges and flame reds or Christmas with beautiful Icicles and crystals with velvety reds or opulent greens.

We have taken many a bride and her party to some stunning locations for their Winter themed wedding in our vintage carriages. They fit in so well, especially with character buildings, such as old hotels and country houses.

If you have an idea of how your perfect day would look and would like to speak with us about some unique and (very importantly comfortable) travel, just give contact us HERE ...

Winter weddings are amazing to be a part of!